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Receive your Israeli and Arabic television programming directly to your home entertainment system with Middle East TV Packages offered by DISH. Stay updated Middle Eastern culture through TV shows, movies, music, serials, and much more. Our Middle East TV Packages are brought to you in 100% digital quality and sound so you never feel too far away from your homeland. For the best Israeli and Arabic programming available, sign up for the Middle East TV Packages that best fits your entertainment needs and desires.

The Israeli TV Package brings some of the best Israeli TV directly to your living room, right here in America. This TV Package has something for everyone in the family, entertainment for everyone from the young to the old. Stay updated with the latest international news, movies, TV shows, music, educational, and cultural programming delivered to you straight from Israel. You can receive our Israeli TV Packages in 100% digital quality and sound, at everyday low prices. Receive entertainment from around the globe when you sign up with TV packages offered by DISH.

Hebrew: The Israeli Network

The Israeli TV Package broadcasts shows from Israel’s leading channels to bring the best of Israeli TV to America. The Israeli Network brings you your favorite channels such as Channel One, Two, Ten, Sports, and Hop TV for kids with this TV Package. English Subtitles available.


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